Don’t cheat in Call of Duty or you might get your weapons confiscated

Russell Kidson


#TeamRICOCHET is a cheater’s worst nightmare within games like Call of Duty: Warzone, but this is one task force that won’t just ban you for illegal or immoral activities in the game; they’ll annoy the snipershot out of you first. 

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RICOCHET is an anti-cheating task force established to protect the honest gamers within the Call of Duty games. The task force is a ‘cross-functional group composed of security, game and server engineers, researchers, data scientists, and more, each working in collaboration alongside game teams.’

Don’t cheat in Call of Duty or you might get your weapons confiscated

In its latest progress report, RICOCHET answers a few frequently asked fan questions and gives more details as to what it does and how it combats cheating. All in all, the June 2022 progress report is a rib-tickling read if you enjoy cheaters being messed with and penalized for interrupting honest players’ gameplay. 

The progress report kicks off with an explanation of why cheaters are still such an ever-present reality within Call of Duty titles. RICOCHET explained that the team uses all of the methods used to cheat that it has uncovered to create protections against them. However, the task force notes that cheating is like a virus and that ‘While our team has been able to establish systems that can quickly detect and respond to bad behaviors, we know tomorrow will continue to deliver new and evolving threats.’

Luckily, RICOCHET has numerous mitigations in its toolbox that it uses against players caught cheating. And, as highlighted in the latest progress report, there’s a new mitigation technique in town, and it’s something akin to the punishment for stealing in certain territories. If you are caught cheating, one of the new ways in which RICOCHET will disrupt your gaming is by simply taking away your weapons. However, given that fists are relatively lethal weapons in Call of Duty, you may lose these too. Yes, RICOCHET will remove your fists if you cheat. 

This isn’t the only fun way in which RICOCHET will mess with you before banning your account. One of the other tools in the mitigation toolbox is called Cloaking and will instantly hide anyone that a cheater shoots so that they can shoot once and no more. The target is then able to fire a few rounds into the now confused cheater and end their reign of terror

RICOCHET will be active from Day One when both Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II is released, and by the looks of things, we won’t have to wait long for the CoD: MWII Beta to go live.

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